Thursday, May 11, 2017

Block Island Spring...Two Windows Two Views

We had a wonderful Spring weekend on the Island...In the painting on top we were having dinner at Larry and Karen's house out on West Side Road. The martini glass is half full , the flowers were just picked and the sun was setting quickly into the ocean....In the lower painting breakfast was on the table at Claudia's , the daffodils were fresh and the view out the window was of Calico Hill across the tidal inlet where the Captain of the Carol Jean and his wife live...No leaves on the trees yet anywhere! The Shad was just peeping out , absolutely beautiful.  watercolor and gouache on paper 9x12"


Claudia said...

Hey! I was there! Nice memories!

CBA said...

Here goes another attempt with Katie on the phone as I try to prove I'm not a robot,

CBA said...

Ah. Well.. after trying to "click on all the pictures that show a gas station" twice and failing.. largely because they are all so dark and out of focus I can't tell the difference between a trailer park, a gas station and a church, I moved on to "select all images with a store front. " This proved to be equally challenging since two of the eight images were blank. True, I could tell the STOP sign was not a store front, but my humanity was still at stake.

I gave up and opted for listening to a pre-recored voice giving me a message I can then type in to prove i am, in fact, not a Robot. I had tried this option the other night as well, but the robotic voice that spoke to me sounded like it was saying "grrnnnxxanngrrwabba".

So here we go again! best of luck, o yea who are made of flesh and bones.